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Banchetto Musicale Sampling Library
Free Downloads
Thank You for your interest in our Banchetto Musicale.
Wir stellen Ihnen auf dieser Seite einige Sample Sets der Sampling Library kostenlos zur Verfügung. Machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild von der überragenden Qualität unserer Sampling Instrumente:

Krumhorn Alt:

The Alto Krumhorn has been taken from the complete Krumhorn consort that is part of the Banchetto Musicale sampling library. This consort consists of four instruments: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
Each instrument  has been sampled with two different articulations: staccato and legato.
Please note that the free Krumhorn Alt patch features the staccato articulation only.

Kontakt, Halion, Vsampler, Exs24, SFZ


Although this sample set is very small in size it has a very realistic touch.  the Woodblocks set consists of 60 different samples which are grouped in six velocity layers.

Kontakt, Halion, Vsampler, Exs24, SFZ

Zither eco

The eco label of this 10 MB Zither patch stands for economical memory usage. The stereo samples are looped to save RAM space and multiple velocity layers are not used here.
The full Zither patches (100 MB) of the Banchetto Musicale library use four  velocity layers and full length samples.  The here included Zither Strum patch features several strums of the drone strings. These again are velocity switched. 

Kontakt, Halion, Vsampler, Exs24, SFZ

Need more sounds? Then please visit the pages of our other project Early Patches.  There You will find a number of free and unrestricted quality sampler banks of rare acoustic instruments.